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We are a bakery located in Sturbridge, Masschusetts, specializing in all things sweet. We started in 2015 as Just a Nibble  bakery with local delivery of our scrumptious products.  Recently (2017) we launched a biscotti line that can be shipped within Massachusetts right to your front door.  Grab some coffee, place your order and you will be dunking in just a few short days. 

Local to Sturbridge? Check out the  Just a Nibble link for other options for deliverable treats.

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About Biscotti

Biscotti (biscotto) in Italian means "biscuit or cookie", but their latin roots of bis (twice) and cotto (baked) describe how they are cooked.  Baking twice gives the biscotti their unique shape and hard, dry texture.  

Biscotti started out as a long shelf life food in Roman times, used by travelers and soldiers.  Later during the European Renaissance, it made a comeback in the Tuscan region of Italy, primarily made of almonds.  Our present day biscotti has a large variety of flavors and can be dipped or studded with chips, nuts, and even fruit. 

Begin your biscotti journey today with our delicious handmade biscotti and bring this great taste from our kitchen to yours!!

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Handmade biscotti shipped to your front door.  Grab your drink of choice. Sip. Click. And in a few short days, Dip. Enjoy.


Ongoing deals- 

  • Buy 1 (dozen) get 1 (dozen) 1/2 off. Use coupon code   IS1ENOUGH
  • Buy 3 (dozen), get 1 (dozen) free.  Use coupon code BOGO4for3

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Q:  Do I need to live in Massachusetts to get a shipment of your delicious biscotti?

A:  Unfortunately, yes. We have a home  based bakery and are restricted to sell products in our state.  It's really nice here. you should move!

Q:  How long will it take for me to get my shipment?

A:  Orders will arrive within 3-5 business days. 

Q:  My son is allergic to peanuts. Are these allergy free?

A:  While not all of the biscotti include nuts, they are made in a facility that contains nuts, milk, wheat.